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A Dave Rawlings Take on "Smothered In Hugs" A Josh Homme Take on "Famous Blue Raincoat" A Mark Knopfler Take on John Lennon's "Jealous Guy" A Mark Knopfler Take on The Kinks "Strangers" A Neil Young Take on David Rawlings's "Cumberland Gap" A Pathway to Understanding Open D Tuning A Post-Rock Take on "Girl From Ipanema" A Ry Cooder Take on The Beatles' "Come Together" A Simple Arrangement of "Harvest" A Snarling Rendition of Blondie’s “Call Me" A Sprightly 12 Bar Blues Solo: Aiming for 3rds A Twangified Rendition of "Me and Bobby McGee" Air's "Playground Love" Amy Winehouse "Back to Black" Andy Summers Chords Any Phrase Appears Five Ways Arcade Fire "The Suburbs" Bass Tips for Guitarists Billy Joel's "Movin' Out" With Marc Ribot Attitude Billy Joel's "Vienna" Bluesy Skronky Leaps Bob Dylan's "Billy" As Played By Gillian Welch and David Rawlings Bouncy Hendrix Doublestops on Feist's "1234" Cat Stevens "Trouble" Chill Out with These Cascading Pentatonics and Caged Shapes Combining Influences & Playing to Changes in a Twangy Way Country Soul Hybrid Picking Workout Courtney Barnett "Charity" Cropper Chord Chops Curtis Mayfield "Think" Curtis Mayfield "We the People Who Are Darker Than Blue" Dave Rawlings 2nds Plus Carter Scratch = Modal Folk Grooviness Dave Rawlings Guitar Lesson: Capos, Crosspicking, Sublime Dissonance Dave Rawlings Machine "Short Haired Woman Blues" Dave Rawlings Machine "Sweet Tooth" David Bowie's "Life on Mars" David Bowie's "Starman" David Gilmour "There's No Way Out of Here" David Gilmour Pentatonic Triplets David Rawlings "Midnight Train" Desert Blues Drone Training Desert Hendrix: Iconic Licks and Leads Against an Arabian Modal Jam Dickey Betts Stutter Trick Diminished Dark Funk Workout Diminished Subs, 3rds, 6ths, and Scale Walks on "Dark Eyes" Dire Straits "Southbound Again" Dolly Parton's "Jolene" at 33rpm "Don't Worry Be Happy" (In B Minor) Dreamy Fills on Drive-By Truckers' "Danko/Manuel" Droney and Peaceful Major Pentatonic Motifs Elliott Smith "Between the Bars" Elton John "Bennie and the Jets" Elvis Costello "Shipbuilding" Elvis Costello "You Belong To Me" Expand Your Chord Vocabulary With This Andy Summers Workout Fleetwood Mac "The Chain" Freddie King "Yonder Wall" Fun With Octave Fuzz George Harrison Bends George Harrison Pre-Bends, Hammers, and Slides on "Cry Baby Cry" George Harrison's Eastern-Influenced Slide Playing George Harrison's "Isn't It A Pity" Gillian Welch "Caleb Meyer" Gillian Welch "Dear Someone" Gillian Welch "Everything Is Free" Gillian Welch "Hard Times" Gillian Welch "Look At Miss Ohio" Gillian Welch "Revelator" Guitar Parts Gillian Welch "Revelator" Solo #1 Gillian Welch "Scarlet Town" Gillian Welch "The Way It Goes" Gillian Welch "The Way It Will Be" Gillian Welch "Wrecking Ball" Guitar Noir Arrangement of Bob Dylan's "Love Sick" Guitar Noir Arrangement of Bob Dylan's "Señor (Tales of Yankee Power)" Guitar Zen: Improv Strategies Preview Solo Hendrix Doublestops and Country Bends on "When I Paint My Masterpiece" Hendrix Doublestops on "A Change is Gonna Come" Hendrix Doublestops on "All The Young Dudes" Hendrix Doublestops on "Bell Bottom Blues" Hendrix Doublestops on "Goddamn Lonely Love" Hendrix Doublestops on "Gold Dust Woman" Hendrix Doublestops on "Mack the Knife" Hendrix Doublestops on "Nothing Compares 2 U" Hendrix Doublestops on "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" Hendrix Doublestops on John Lennon's "Happy Xmas (war is over)" Hendrix Doublestops on Michael Kiwanuka's "Cold Little Heart" Hendrix Doublestops, Knopfler Tone on Lucinda Williams's "I Lost It" Hendrix Funky Chords and String Muting Hendrix Licks and Celestial 6ths on Leonard Cohen's "Bird on a Wire" Hendrix Licks and Leads on "Ain't No Sunshine" Hendrix-ian Doublestop Possibilities House of the Rising Sun How I Use Triads How to Adapt Drumset Grooves to Guitar How to Combine Blues & Minor Scales to Make New, Creepy Crossover Licks How to Combine Mixolydian and Blues to Dress Up Your Pentatonic Boxes How to Do Chicken Pickin' & Fingerstyle Leads Like Mark Knopfler How to Improvise a Tasteful Solo Using Pentatonic Scales and Barre Chord Shapes How to Structure a Successful, Non-Boxed, Non-Wanky Solo How to Use 6ths and Open Strings to Create a Neil Young Style Solo How to Use Chord Shapes to Do Cool Stuff With Standard Tuning Slide
How to Use Diminished Triads for a Creepy, Nick Cave Effect How to Use Major and Minor Pentatonic Phrases to Improvise Up the Fretboard How to Use Open Chord-Based Pentatonic Scales to Improvise a Folksy Solo How to Use the Mixolydian Scale to Create a Richard Lloyd Style Solo Jazz for Rockers ep5 - Mahavishnu Orchestra Jenny Lewis's "Just One of the Guys" With Ry Cooder Slide Jesus Christ Superstar "Everything's Alright" Jimi Hendrix, Richard Thompson, and Nels Cline Licks on Wilco's "California Stars" Joan Jett "Bad Reputation" John Frusciante Motifs Against a Folk-Rock Setting John Prine "Sweet Revenge" Khruangbin’s “Dern Kala” Leonard Cohen "Hallelujah" Lou Reed "Perfect Day" Love "Stephanie Knows Who" Major to Minor Crosspicking Workout Marc Ribot Guitar Lesson: Flatted 5ths, Diminished Trips, Nasty Blues Licks Marc Ribot Inspired 3rds Marc Ribot Minor Changes Workout Marc Ribot Plays "Dark Eyes" at a Party Marc Ribot y Los Cubanos Postizos "El Divorcio" "Mele Kalikimaka (Merry Christmas)" Maximizing Major Pentatonic Bend Zones on Traffic's "Feelin' Alright?" Minor Scale Intervals Modest Mouse "March Into the Sea" Modifying Your Scales Into Modes My 4 Fave Fingerpicking Patterns National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Theme Song Neil Young "On the Beach" Guitar Solo Neil Young "Revolution Blues" Neil Young "Southern Man" Nick Cave "The Mercy Seat" Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds "Up Jumped the Devil" Nina Simone "Sinnerman" Open D Arrangement of "Angel From Montgomery" for Slide Guitar Open D Arrangement of "Traveling Riverside Blues" for 12-String Guitar Pavement's "Range Life" Pearl Jam "Black" Pre-Bends! Ray Charles "Georgia On My Mind" Respect the Intervals Rhythm Accuracy Workout With "Synchronicity" Ribot + Hendrix = Out Blues Robert Johnson "From Four Until Late" Rolling Stones "Sway" Slide Guitar Solo Sam Cooke's "Summertime" Vocal Melody on Guitar Same Chords, Different Feels: How Groove Sets the Scene Scott Walker's "Next" Shuggie Otis "Strawberry Letter 23" Slide Arrangement of The Rolling Stones' "Dead Flowers" Slide Guitar Solo on "I'll Be There" Sloan "I'm Not Through With You Yet" Steely Dan's "Black Friday" Steely Dan's "Josie" Stevie Nicks "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" Steely Dan's "Ricky Don't Lose That Number" Super Furry Animals "Hello Sunshine" Switchback Between Groove & Doublestop Chonks T. Rex "The Slider" Tasteful Pentatonic Fills on a 50's Style Tune Television "Days" Test Your Triad Inversion Skills With This Sneaky Minor Run The 4 "Most Hendrix-y" Doublestops The Beatles "Because" The Beatles "Paperback Writer" On Electric 12-String The Best Way To Improve Your Guitar Musicality The Byrds "Eight Miles High" The Faces "Sweet Lady Mary" The Jazzy Psychedelic Folk of Dungen's "Festival" The Pixies "Bone Machine" The Pixies "Here Comes Your Man" Guitar Arrangement The War on Drugs "An Ocean In Between the Waves" The War on Drugs "I Don't Live Here Anymore" The Verlaine-Lloyd Dual Guitar Thing The War on Drugs "Pain" Things To Do With a Delay Pedal Three Greasy Theme & Variation Tricks Throw Triads at Other Triads Tom Petty "It's Good To Be King" Tom Waits "16 Shells From a 30.6" Tom Waits "Gin Soaked Boy" Tom Waits "Hoist That Rag" Solo Tom Waits "I Don't Wanna Grow Up" Tom Waits "New Coat of Paint" Tom Waits "Old Shoes (& Picture Postcards)" Tom Waits "Rain Dogs" Tom Waits "Tango Till They're Sore" Tom Waits "Yesterday Is Here" Tortoise "I Set My Face to the Hillside" Track Your Flat 5s & 9s With This Setzer-Style Run Try This Classic Rockabilly Hybrid Pickin' 6ths Trick Try This Fretboard-Spanning Pentatonic Run Try This Gilmour-Toned Psyche Blues Run Try This Hendrix "Watchtower" Lick, in 3 Octaves Try This Twisty, Jangly Minor Scale Pattern What's a Fuzz Good For? When to Switch From Pentatonic to Harmonic Minor We Don't Have to Play to Changes When to Switch to Major Pentatonic for Twang Mode Wilco "At Least That's What You Said" Wilco "Kingpin" Guitar Solo Wilco "She's a Jar" You Can Achieve Cool Hendrix Licks With All Downstrokes You Learned a Cool Lick - Now What?