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Guitar Zen Courses

TrueFire Course Guide
TrueFire Course Guide

You can start with any, but I recommend

"Guitar Zen: CAGED" the blueprint for how I see everything! 

"Guitar Zen: Next Level Rhythm" is a continuation of CAGED. It goes into intervals and grooves, and how to create your own tasteful guitar parts.

"Guitar Zen: Playing The Changes" is the chillest way I know to surf across chord progressions.

"Guitar Zen: Pentatonic Doublestops" goes into the "Hendrix-y" side of rhythm playing.  

"Guitar Zen: Improv Strategies" Simple ideas can yield the most soulful results! Rhythm & Repetition, Call & Response, Moving Motifs, and all of my favorite "tricks."

"Six String Problem Solver" was created in response to seeing what students most often struggle with. I devised little exercises to address the various little annoyances us guitar players face.

"Modes" uncovers the harmonic and groovy side of all 7 modes, as well as the melodic. The progressions and jams that are often overlooked - we can finally understand them!

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