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Bundle Up

My full-length record, “Bundle Up” is available for streaming and download wherever you listen to music!

Compared to the previous “Runes” EP, this one is much more 70s songwriter than fuzz-rock. There’s still plenty of guitars on it, though. And noise.

Recorded with a small crew of my close friends:

  • Thom Canova - Engineered and produced it, and played synths and lowrey organ. I really couldn’t have done it without him - working with Thom is like watching the dog chase the ball. He never tires, never gets frustrated, and is always willing to try new ideas.
  • Rachel Kiel - Provided her vocal stack skills, as well as lead vocals on “Windshield.” Having her on the project really helped balance the male/female energy and I love it.
  • Daniel Fields - Played acoustic guitar throughout, and takes a beautiful electric solo on the outro of “Chances Are.” It was a great moment in the studio. I was attempting a long solo, and ran out of ideas. I literally handed my trusty mustang over to Daniel, and he finished the track perfectly!
  • Scott Carle - Made the drum pocket that the whole thing sits in. With his laid-back & contemplative attitude, he’s always such a good hang. And rock-solid groove keeper.
  • Alex Lazara - Floated in with the final flourishes of Hammond organ, Wurlitzer electric piano, and Solina string machine. He’s always in the service of the song, listening for ways to add little things that combine perfectly with the existing arrangement.