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Runes EP

It’s here! It’s time! Eric Haugen’s solo EP, Runes, features six spirited psychedelic originals and is being released in February 2019. The songs function as a sort of musical scrapbook, recorded over a very busy period of years that were some of the most prolific for Eric’s growing professional career. While his guitar instruction business expanded rapidly, he was able to take his time on these recordings and is excited to feature good friends like Adam Sung Waldron, Wylie Pamplin, Brice Randall Bickford, and Alex Lazara. You’ll hear the formidable recording skills of Nick Petersen of Track and Field Recording and Thom Canova of Studio M. Our good friend Kate Parrent did the cover art, at Eric’s direction, in between all her other brilliant and strange creative projects.

For over a decade, Eric has served as diligent sideman, partner, collaborator, and musical director for countless local North Carolina artists including Mount Moriah, The Strugglers, Fake Swedish, Rachel Kiel, Calico Haunts, Birds and Arrows, Mary Johnson Rockers, Open Field, and of course our neighborhood band The Outboards. This new collection, released under Eric’s own name, is a first, and we are so excited to share it with you.