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A Ry Cooder Take on The Beatles' "Come Together"

Lesson description: When I'm scratching my head thinking about what cool stuff to play next, The Beatles always come to mind. We music teachers love The Beatles because:

  • Everyone at least sort of recognizes the tunes, even if they don't like them!
  • Every cool music theory trick appears somewhere in some well-known Beatles track
  • Every wacky recording experiment appears somewhere in some well-known Beatles track

In this case, I was messing around with the idea of taking "Come Together" further into a bluesy feel by imagining, "What if the Ry Cooder who played on Randy Newman's 'Last Night I Had A Dream' took a pass at this Beatles classic?"

When you do this, you're forced to find new shapes, new ways to move around in Open D that you wouldn't have if you were just playing straight blues. That's the fun part! The new shit!

    Video version:

    Format: Sibelius-created digital score with tabs & standard notation

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