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How to Adapt Drumset Grooves to Guitar

Lesson description: Here’s some food for thought: every one of our favorite songs, more likely than not, has some kind of a kickass drum beat to it.

If we assign the low frequencies (kick, floor tom) to the low area of the guitar strings, and the snappy high frequencies (snare) to the high strings, we can transpose nearly any sick groove into a new strum pattern!

In this vid, I picked at random a few of my favorites--the Diddley Beat, Motown Groove, and Suzie Q. I encourage y’all to do the same! Go through your favorite songs and see what happens when you try to guitar-ify the drums. Even if you don’t match it exactly right, you’ll still have created something new and exciting!

Video version:

Format: Sibelius-created digital score with tabs & standard notation

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