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John Frusciante Motifs Against a Folk-Rock Setting

Lesson description: I've been thinking about putting a John Frusciante lesson together for some time now. In my humble opinion, there's isn't a guitar player alive today who more encapsulates the spirit, creativity, and spark of His Late Majesty Jimi Hendrix. Bold words, indeed! But go back and listen to his catalog--there's so much going on there!

However, here's the thing about Frusciante: his influences are infinite, not just Jimi! He draws from nearly every genre of music: classic rock, funk and soul, but also minimalist post-rock, as well as modern electronica. So to put a lesson together, I had to choose a few of my favorite motifs.

I focused on his lyrical phrasing, masterful muting, and crackerjack doublestops. Never content to take the most direct approach, I applied my observations to a folk-rock jam. It made for a neato mash-up!

    Video version:

    Format: Sibelius-created digital score with tabs & standard notation

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