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Sam Cooke's "Summertime" Vocal Melody on Guitar

Lesson description: It's an incredibly rewarding educational pursuit to play great singers' vocal melodies on guitar. What you learn in the process is that the human voice moves in ways very very different than electric guitar pentatonic grids and boxes. It completely changes the way you think about phrasing!

One-fret slides, grace notes, trails, bends from out-of-key notes! That's what great singers actually do!

We guitar players hold on tight to our dots, so I thought Sam Cooke's version of "Summertime" would be a good choice to work on different approaches and exits for notes. I swear, if you work on stuff like this (instead of hot-shot speed licks), the depth of your playing will grow exponentially!

Video version:

Format: Sibelius-created digital score with tabs & standard notation

Delivery: Tablature is available as convenient .pdf download, and my custom made backing track is included as a free extra! You'll find the download links on your checkout page and in your email. We encourage you to make a customer account when you check out, so all your future purchases can be found in one place.