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Same Chords, Different Feels: How Groove Sets the Scene

Lesson description:  I keep about 12 rhythm patterns stored away for regular use. With rock music, if you have a good handle on some of the common feels, you'll find songwriting, jamming, and arranging are so much more productive!

We guitarists tend to think a lot about scales, licks, and chords. We often neglect the very import element of timing--that "when" things happen is as important as "what" happens. If a song is a movie, groove is the setting for the actual scene. Inside, outside, light, dark, wide-shot, close-shot, etc. The chords and melody are the actors and the script, but the groove is the place!

Cool thing is, it doesn't have to be a music theory jargon party to work on groove. Simply think about songs you already know, and put a name to the rhythm pattern that works for you! In this example, I play a modified 8 bar blues progression in Bm, changing feels from Bo Diddley to Johnny Cash to CSNY.

      Video version:

      Format: Sibelius-created digital score with tabs & standard notation

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