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Simultaneously Improve Your Groove and Your Scales With These 3 Exercises

Lesson description: Context--it's all about context. I know what it feels like to learn some nifty new scale grid, but not know exactly what to do with it. Guitar is often taught with rhythm and lead playing as two completely separate disciplines. I try very hard to bring them back together, as that's what all my heroes do.

This lesson is a recommendation on what to do once you know the Blues, Minor, and Major scales reasonably well. We need ways to get comfortable with them beyond the "up the ladder, down the ladder" kinda thing.

Rather than focus on speed, I think about chords and rhythm. I like being able to hear what harmonies go with the scale I'm practicing--a much more musical way of working. Side benefit is that it's actually quite tricky on the brain to switch back and forth from single-note to chordal playing!

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