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T. Rex "The Slider"

Lesson description: My best friend Frank, a 67 year old ex-hippie jazz drummer, fellow teacher, and zen expert once said to me: ...."maaaan, you can either learn songs....or you can learn THE INSTRUMENT...." I always think about this when preparing my lessons.

Learning exact licks, riffs, and solos is absolutely an integral part of guitar growth, as it's very satisfying to make your favorite songs come to life in your hands. And, there's a very definite finish line to "nailing that run." On the other hand, mastering techniques and theory is much more open-ended. You're never done!

That's why I like to combine concepts with songs I really like--it's sorta my way of working both sides. There's a song, yay! But I've also jammed in techniques like 6ths, R&B doublestops, classic vibrato, and dual hand muting. It's deceivingly tricky to play it clean!

    Video version:

    Format: Sibelius-created digital score with tabs & standard notation

    Delivery: Tablature is available as convenient .pdf download, and my custom made backing track is included as a free extra! You'll find the download links on your checkout page and in your email. We encourage you to make a customer account when you check out, so all your future purchases can be found in one place.