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Try This Classic Rockabilly Hybrid Pickin' 6ths Trick

Lesson description: There's 6th chords, and then there's 6ths. Therein lies the confusion! In this scenario, I am referring to the latter--a "6th" is a pair of notes that are 6 tones away from each other in the major scale. You can move them together, as long as each note moves up to the next appropriate tone in the scale. It has a magical effect of harmonizing whatever melody you've constructed.

In country music, there's an added layer of cleverness. Those bad mofos do a syncopated, chromatic "yodel" trick that is extremely effective at filling multiple bars of music with what started out as a simple concept. Yee-haw!

Video version:

Format: Sibelius-created digital score with tabs & standard notation

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