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Try This Fretboard-Spanning Pentatonic Run

Lesson description: This is a great guitar store lick to work on!

Basically, what we've got here is an E pentatonic major scale, going up the fretboard diagonally in a sequence of fours, and then switching at the 12th fret to a C# pentatonic minor coming down a sequence of fours in 9th position.

What's a sequence, you ask? It's a clever way to break up the linear motion of a scale. From each note, you go up four, and then jump back, and do the same to the next note in the scale, and so on. Kinda like a "four steps forward, one step back" thing. Great for averting the "up the ladder, down the ladder" sorta motion.

Video version:

Format: Sibelius-created digital score with tabs & standard notation

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