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Try This Gilmour-Toned Psyche Blues Run

Lesson description: What we've got here is three positions of our trusty pentatonic minor, connected via two different scale sequences.

The first one I call the "note/note behind/note" pattern, which then slides up to the standard 5th fret location of pentatonic minor, and comes down in groups of 3. Then I break things up a bit by dropping in a weird D/A type chord before ascending up the next position of pentatonic minor--the "D" shape--using the first pattern.

To put things in context, I recycled an obscure riff from the 70s psyche band "Budgie" to jam over once the fancy fretwork is done. As to the Gilmour-ness, I'm playing a Hiwatt, plus phase 90, reverb, and delay. Also, I'm not playing anything particularly fast--it's all downstrokes--that's intentional, to keep things paced right. It's all about the slow burn, y'all!

Video version:

Format: Sibelius-created digital score with tabs & standard notation

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